Tutorial To Install WordPress Using FTP Client:

1) To get started, go to Filezilla project website and download the FileZilla FTP client for Windows or for Mac.

2) Once done, install FileZilla in your computer and open up its Window (I am going to share the procedure for Windows-based computers here).


3) Next, go to, download WordPress zip package and extract it in your computer.

4) Now, go to the folder where you have extracted the WordPress files and rename “wp-config-sample.php” to “wp-config.php“.


5) Next, we have to create a database for your WordPress blog. For that, log into your cPanel of your website and click on “MySQL Databases” under “Databases“.


for plesk users simply press Databases and then ADD DATABASE


6) In the next page, create a Database for your WordPress blog, then create a Database user and finally add the Database user to the Database. Make sure that you have noted down the Database name, Database user name and Database Password.



7) Now, open the “wp-config.php” file in your computer and add your Database name, user name and password in the respective fields, and save the document.



8) Next, go to FileZilla and connect with your web server by entering the Hostname (which in most cases is the domain name), Username and Password. Once connected, click on “public_html” to access your website files.


9) Now, if you would like to install WordPress in your root folder i.e., if you would like to have WordPress blog as your website (, then copy and paste the extracted WordPress files to “public_html“.


10) If in case that you would like to install WordPress to a sub-folder (, then create a folder named “blog” (you can use any names of your choice) in “public_html” and then upload the WordPress files to this folder.

11) Once all the WordPress files are uploaded, enter the URL where you have uploaded the files ( or Now, you will see the WordPress installation page.


12) Now, enter your Site Title, Username for your blog, Password and your E-mail address in the respective fields and then click on “Install WordPress“.


13) Now you will see a success page showing up your username and a “Log In” button. Just click on it, enter your WordPress username and password, and access WordPress successfully.